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Homo Politicus Association

Homo Politicus Association is an polish organization working for the development of civic culture in Kielce. The purpose of the Association is to stimulate local communities and the promotion of local democracy. The association was founded in 2013. Its founders are graduates of the Institute of Political Sciences of the University of Jan Kochanowski, who acted and directed the Student Scientific Circle Homo Politicus. Seeing the need for further development at the social level, and taking care of the interest region and the Kielce, we founded Homo Politicus as community based organization.


Our values??:

We follow the idea of civil society, the idea of ??social participation, the idea of ??diversity, self-management and pluralism.

The concept of Homo Politicus (literally political man) is translated as Social Active Citizen

The Association has adopted three main activities for 2014:

Activities involving neighboring communities in Kielce.

Working with the Kielce immigrants to integrate them with residents

Activities involving residents social participation


The Association currently implements projects: „The University of Active Seniors”, ?Local Affairs  Spokesman”,” Kielce Support Center for Foreigners „and” All in our hands „. In addition, we participate in No Hate coalition and informal polish coalition of immigrant organizations.


For more information, you can contact us via contact page – click. We also invite you to our facebook profile – click (all our news at facebook are in English too).